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1/2/2021 – Bill To Improve Summer Motorized Recreation Trail Grant Funds and Snowmobile Trail Pass

Senator Terry Gauthier has introduced SB 38 to the 2021 session of the Montana legislature that would make several improvements to the summer motorized trail grant funds and snowmobile trail pass.  Development of this bill had input from Fish, Wildlife & Parks and other recreationists.  For details, go to$.startup?P_SESS=20211 and type in SB 38.There are also a host of draft bills (LC) that may affect recreation, conservation, and parks but with no language available at this time.  For those who are interested in the recreational marijuana proposition and associated funding that was approved by the public, there are at least 40 draft bills in the mix right now.To track a bill go to and click on Bill Search in top left corner.  Enter the type of bill (SB, HB,HJ, SJ,HR,SR) and enter the bill number.  You can also find bills by clicking on subject, legislator, or primary sponsor.  If you wish to track specific bills during the session, near the bottom click on Establish a Preference Account that will allow you to list bills you wish to track and receive emails announcing status of those bills.This process takes a little practice, and for me some frustration, but once you set things up, you will find it valuable throughout the session!Here we go again!

Bob Walker

Montana Trails Coalition

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