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How To Work with Legislature in 2021

There is a lot going on in this legislative session already!

Keep updated with by visiting our Legislative Updates page under Resources.

Below is a message from our advisory board member, Bob Walker about how to get involved.

How you can work with Legislature

Recently several have requested information about working with our legislature.  Following find information about the primary processes put as simply as possible!  The common web location for legislature activities is .


To track a bill, click on Bill Search in top left corner of page.  Enter the type of bill (SB, HB,HJ, SJ,HR,SR) and enter the bill number.  You can also find bills by clicking on subject, legislator, or primary sponsor.  If you wish to track specific bills during the session, near the bottom click on Establish a Preference Account that will allow you to list bills you wish to track and receive emails announcing status of those bills.


The public is allowed to attend hearings at the capitol, but because of social distancing, you may only be allowed in the room when it is your time to testify and may not be able to stay in the room.  It is recommended that you wear a mask or face covering in the Capitol Building and in hearing rooms.


You can watch or listen to committee hearings.  All committee meetings will have a video-stream link and an audio-stream link so you can observe a committee meeting live or watch the archive of the hearing.


There are a few methods of providing input to legislators and providing testimony to committees.  The most efficient way of contacting members of a committee is to go on the Montana State Legislature webpage, scroll down in the middle column and click on “Send a message to a legislator/committee”, enter your personal information, name the bill and committee, and type away!


Due to the CORONA virus, some may wish to testify remotely.  Go to the legislature web page, in the middle column click on request to Testify Remotely, select bill for which you wish to testify, select committee, provide your personal information to identify who you are, and upload your documents and if you wish to testify via ZOOM click yes.  This must be completed by Noon the day before the hearing.  Written comments you provide will be distributed to committee members.


This should be an “interesting session” so please pay attention to legislature activities, those bills that affect your interests, and take part.  This is your state legislature and their actions will affect us all and our way of life.  Let’s be certain the results are positive!


Bob Walker, Chair

Montana Trails Coalition

Advisor to Montana Trails, Recreation and Parks Association

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