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Critical Legislative Update

⚠️ Critical Legislative Update ⚠️

Budget negotiations are underway in Helena this coming week that will determine whether a promising new funding source is invested in Montana’s outdoor spaces, or not.
In November, Montana voters passed ballot initiative 190 which directed new revenue generated by the sale of recreational marijuana to expand public access, maintain state parks, and protect working farms and ranches.

Unfortunately, Governor Gianforte released an operating budget asking lawmakers to divert all future revenue from recreational marijuana sales away from public trail grant programs, state parks maintenance, and the Habitat Montana program which enhances outdoor access and protects working farms and ranches.

The use of these funds, approved in November by the majority of voters in ballot initiative 190, would have included approximately $1 million addition dollars per year for both the state trails grant program; which benefits cities, counties, reservations, state and federal land trails; and state parks maintenance.

Our trails representative, Bob Walker, shares this open letter from the Montana Outdoor Heritage Project:

Take some time to educate yourself, contact your legislature, and if so appropriate, sign this letter by clicking this link.

There is a lot going on in this legislative session!

Keep updated with by visiting our Legislative Updates page under Resources.

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