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Fact Sheet: Transportation Alternatives, Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

The Rails-To-Trails Conservancy held a very informative webinar this morning titled Accessibility on Rail-Trails and Other Shared Use Paths.  One of the speakers was our old friend Christopher Douwes, U.S Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration!  He discussed the importance of accessibility for all recreation and transportation trails and paths, and associated laws especially with projects funded with Transportation Alternatives and Recreational Trails Program dollars.  He included a Fact Sheet that provides information about future projected funding for Transportation Alternatives, eligible projects and other important points.  That Fact Sheet can be found at

We hope you find this information valuable.  Both Transportation Alternatives and RTP provide the largest source of funds for trails and shared use paths in Montana.  Please keep up your great work for Montana’s public for recreation, parks and natural resource conservation!

Bob Walker
Montana Trails Coalition
Montana Trails, Recreation and Parks Association

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