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$MILLIONS Available Soon for Trails, Recreation and Parks Projects!

From: Bob Walker, MTRPA Trails Representative

Subject: $MILLIONS Available Soon for Trails, Recreation and Parks Projects!

Date: September 22, 2022

Annually, Fish, Wildlife & Parks provides grants for an array of trails and recreation projects. This year the total amount of grants available is nearly $4 million!  The grants, depending on the program, can fund trails and recreation in urban, city, community,  county, reservation and backcountry and are available to public agencies, reservations and private associations and non-profits.  Basically, depending on the program, any projects benefiting trails and recreation are eligible.

Last year the information about applications didn’t get out to the public until November with deadlines in late January.  Due to that time challenge, barely enough applications were received by Fish, Wildlife & Parks to commit the funds.  As an example, the Trails Stewardship Program funded all but one eligible project.

So, this message from your Montana Trails Coalition and Montana Trails, Recreation and Parks Association serves to arouse your interest and as a recommendation to start thinking about your trails, recreation and/or parks project and begin or finish planning now!  It takes time to plan and prepare projects for submittal for these funds. 

The following amounts are approximate. 1) Trail Stewardship Program – $ 2 million, 2) Recreational Trails Program – $1.5 million, 3) Off-Highway Vehicle Program – $ 200,000, 4) Summer Motorized Trail Pass Program – $ 200,000.  The snowmobile grant program typically announces application at a later date. To find more detail about each, go to  We expect applications for each, except snowmobile, will be available approximately November 1 or soon thereafter.

We want to see this money getting to those trail, recreation and park projects that benefit Montanans all over Montana. Please, start now and be prepared to apply for these valuable funds!

Bob Walker

Montana Trails Coalition

Montana Trails, Recreation and Parks Association

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